Noréns Malmgård

Skinnarviksringen 14, 11727 Stockholm

Tel. +4686696649

Our house was built in 1922 and has one of Stockholm´s finest views. It is beautifully situated viewing the City Hall across Lake Riddarfjärden. From our position in the southern part of downtown Stockholm, you are near all that the city has to offer, such as shopping, theatres, cinemas, museums, restaurants etc.

The nearest underground station, Zinkensdamm, is only a five minute walk from the house. If you travel by car, we can usually provide a parking space in our garden.

All our hotel rooms have TV, Wi Fi and equipment to prepare coffee and tea.

All the rooms are NON SMOKING areas.

Our hotel rooms.

Prices (from 1 jan 2016)

First floor

Room 6, single room  , (private wc & shower)

1 person                                            800 SEK


Room 7, double room , (private wc & shower)

1 person                                            900 SEK

2/3 persons                                    1050/1200 SEK


Room 4-5, 2-roomed flat, (private wc & shower)

1 person                                            950 SEK

2 persons                                        1100 SEK

3 persons                                        1200 SEK



Room 9, double room with kitchenette, (private wc & shower)

1 person                                             850 SEK

2 persons                                         1000 SEK


Second floor

Room 17,  2-roomed flat (private wc, shower and kitchen)

1 person                                              1100 SEK

2 persons                                           1250 SEK  (with separate bedrooms 1350 SEK)

3 persons                                           1400 SEK

4 persons                                           1600 SEK


Room 20-21, 2-roomed flat, (private wc, shower in the hallway downstairs)

1 person                                             700 SEK

2 persons                                           850 SEK


Room 22, 2-roomed flat with kitchenette (private wc, shower in the hallway downstairs)

1 person                                             750 SEK

2 persons                                           900 SEK